Bloemfontein PharmacyNedbank Building, 32 East Burger Street, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4304487
Central Park PharmacyShop 143, Central Park Cnt, Fichard Str, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4309143
Medfontein PharmacyShop 8, Westdene Arcade, Nelson Mandela Drive, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4474345
Medibloem PharmacyMedi Clinic, Cnr Kelner & Parfitt Street, Westdene, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4442311
Medi-Chem Rosepark PharmacyRosepark Hospital - Ground Floor, 53 Gustav Crescent, Fichardt Park, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)5226966
Medi-Chem Universitas PharmacyPaul Kruger Centre, 173 Paul Kruger Avenue, UniversitasBloemfontein(051) 5224011
Medi-Chem Westdene PharmacyShop 6 Medene Centre, 60 Second Ave, Westdene, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4477145
Medi-Chem Pellissier PharmacyShop 10 Pellissier S/Centre, Volkspele Drive, Pellissier,Bloemfontein(051)4224228
Medirex Pharmacy57 Maitland Street, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4477330
Voortrekker PharmacyShop 8, Middestad Centre, Floreat Ave, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4484757
Vrystaat Pharmacy25 Maitland Street, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4472483
Preller Plein PharmacyShop 11, Woolworths Centre, Preller Plein, Dan Pienaar, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4366666
Willows Pharmacy11 Ella Street, Willows, BloemfonteinBloemfontein(051)4440978
Waverley PharmacyShop 4 Naval Hill Shopping Centre, 130 Andries Pretorius Street, NavalsigBloemfontein(051) 4335000
Generaal De Wet ApteekFleurmed, 128 Barry Richter Way, FleurdalBloemfontein(051) 5226866
Bothaville pharmacy48 President Street, BothavilleBothaville(056)5152391
Universitas PharmacyMeditas Cnt, Mudd Plein, UniversitasUniversitas(051)5222271
Brandfort Pharmacy39 Voortrekker Street, BrandfortBrandfort(051)8211005
Chameleon Pharmacy329 Long Road, WelkomWelkom(057)3575886
Elizabeth Street PharmacyBOE Bank Building, Elizabeth Street, WelkomWelkom(057)3521729
Jan Cilliers Park Pharmacy135 Koppie Alleen Road, WelkomWelkom(057)3524972
Cyril Smiedt Pharmacy48 Cross Street, KroonstadKroonstad(056)2123241
Roscher PharmacyPick & Pay Centre, Cnr President & Murray Street, KroonstadKroonstad(056)2124431
Dorans Pharmacy48 Somerset Street, Aliwal NorthAliwal North(051)6342434
Eldre PharmacySomerset Straat 32,   Aliwal NoordAliwal North(051)6342489
Hoek Pharmacy32 Louw Street, BethlehemBethlehem(058)3070220
Eureka PharmacyShop 12, Metropolitan Centre, East Muller street,BethlehemBethlehem(058)3035431
LAURENS NATURAL HEALTH CENTRE11 President Boshoff Street, Bethlehem Bethlehem(058) 3038361
Village Square PharmacyVillage Square Centre, 3 Eeufees Street, BethlehemBethlehem(058)3031016
Kroon Pharmacy26b Louw Street, BethlehemBethlehem(058) 3070200
ER Meyer Pharmacy80 Waterkant Street, OdendaalsrusOdendaalsrus(057)3918400
Van der Wal Pharmacy137 Waterkant Street, OdendaalsrusOdendaalsrus(057)3542105
Ferdi Botha Pharmacy65 Fontein Street, FicksburgFicksburg(051) 9335784
Frank Korb Pharmacy51b Craib Avenue, RiebeeckstadRiebeeckstad(057)3881085
Heidedal PharmacyShop 26, Twin City Mall, Heatherdale, HeidedalHeidedal(051)4320309
Hennenman Pharmacy6 Church Street, HennemanHenneman(057)5732005
Jacobsdal PharmacyPiet Retief, JacobsdalJacobsdal(053)5910202
Ladybrand Pharmacy24b Church Street, LadybrandLadybrand(051)9242061
Langenhovenpark PharmacyShop 9 Langenhovenpark Spar Complex, 22 Dirk Opperman Street,Langenhovenpark(051)4464253
Mangaung PharmacyKenworth spar Centre, Moshoeshoe Road, RocklandsRocklands(051)4351451
Reitz Pharmacy52 Church Street, ReitzReitz(058)8632801
Senekal Pharmacy39 Dryer Street, SenekalSenekal(058)4812470
Thaba Nchu PharmacyShop 3, Shoprite Cnt, c/o Main & End Street, Thaba NchuThaba Nchu(051)8751225
Theunissen Pharmacy46 van Heerden Street, TheunissenTheunissen(057)7330977
Virginia PharmacyCheckers Centre, VirginiaVirginia(057)2125138
Oranje ApteekBullion Building, 22 Bullion Street, VirginiaVirginia(057) 2123485
Wesselsbron Pharmacy3 Erwee Street, WesselsbronWesselsbron(057)8991722
Hoopstad Apteek31 Van Zyl Street, HoopstadHoopstad(053) 4441014



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